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Melahn, Hon. William E. (Ret.)

Melahn, Hon. William E. (Ret.)
Former Justice, Lowell District Court

Judge Melahn was first appointed to the Newburyport District Court in 1992, but was subsequently assigned to all the courts in Region III of the District Court. The major portion of his judicial career was spent at the Lowell District Court. In 1996, when the District Court Division of the Trial Court started civil jury sessions on an experimental basis in Norfolk and Middlesex Counties, due to his significant civil background, Judge Melahn was assigned the task of setting up and presiding over the civil jury session in the Lowell District Court. He maintained that position until his retirement in 2008. It is estimated that he has presided over close to 1,500 trials, civil and criminal. Prior to his appointment to the District Court, he was a trial attorney for law firms in New York City and Massachusetts. Starting out in a Brooklyn firm specializing in personal injury litigation, he then moved to a Manhattan law firm concentrating in Customs and International Trade. From the mid 1970’s he maintained this specialty along with a general practice in Massachusetts. During his years on the bench, Judge Melahn handled all types of civil matters including automobile cases, premises liability and many business and contract cases including homeowner-contractor disputes. He had a reputation of always running an efficient courtroom and being fair and even-handed to members of the Bar.