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Hamilton, William J., Esq.

Hamilton, William J., Esq.
Formerly with Marcotte Law Firm, Lowell

William Hamilton’s career has encompassed just about every perspective of evaluating a personal injury claim. Starting out as a claims rep at Allstate Insurance, Bill worked his way up to unit manager, with 10 to 12 adjusters working under him.   After graduating, cum laude, from Suffolk Law School, he joined the defense firm of Strouse & Noon, PC, where he spent almost ten years handling personal injury files for a number of different carriers. In 1994, Attorney Hamilton left Strouse & Noon to assume a position as trial attorney at the Marcotte Law firm, a Lowell firm specializing in representing plaintiffs in personal injury matters. Bill’s substantial experience as an insurance claims rep, a defense counsel and more recently a plaintiff’s counsel has given him broad exposure to the many factors involved in determining what a particular claim is worth. In addition to his personal injury caseload, Bill also handled landlord-tenant matters, workers compensation, defense of uninsured defendants and some estate work. In 2019, Bill retired from active litigation and now has a solo practice, handling primarily arbitration and mediation. He is licensed to practice in both MA and NH.